On-line Video Lessons with Dr. Gibson are HERE!

With the latest technology developed in iChat and others, we now have the ability to communicate clearly and achieve real results.
I obviously LOVE teaching and this allows me to meet and help people from around the world.....awesome.

Why Sign Up?

Perhaps you live in an area where good teachers are hard to find.
Maybe you would just like a lesson occasionally for a "different perspective".
Perhaps your school or ensemble would benefit from a live Master Class or "Q&A" with Dr. Tom.
Do you have an upcoming audition that you'd like to preview for me? I might have some good advice and tips for you.
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How it Works:

I have the ability to connect with these Chat services:

 AIM ("tbonegib" is my UserName)
Google Talk ("tbonegib" is my UserName)
Bonjour protocol ("tbonegib" is my UserName)
ICQ ("tbonegib" is my UserName)
MSN Messenger ("tom@trombonelessons.com" is my UserName)
Yahoo! Messenger ("drtomtrombone" is my UserName)

Our sessions can be text-only, Audio-only, or Video. Much of this will depend on your messenging service, your hardware equipment, and your download/upload data rate.

To sign up for a Lesson:

1) Email me at: tom@trombonelessons.com
In the email, please provide 3 different dates/times that you are available to meet On-line. This helps me plan my schedule. I live in Atlanta, GA. We are in the Eastern Standard Time Zone of North America. Here is a nice site for converting your local time to mine: Time Zone Conversion
        Please tell me in the email which Messenging service you will use.

2) Use Paypal to pay in advance of the lesson (but not until I have responded to your email, OK?).  paypal
        Make payment to: tom@trombonelessons.com
Lesson fees: $30 (US) for 30 minutes
                                $60 (US) for 1 hour

3) I will contact you once we have found a date/time that works. Please allow extra time at the beginning/end of our scheduled session in case we             experience "technical issues".

4) I always suggest having a list of questions prepared or at least a pretty clear idea of what you need from me. This makes better use of our time/money.

5) Of course, you are welcome to invite parents, teachers, friends to the session.